Маргулан - JAVA програмист

Hi dear,
I graduated with bachelor degree at MUST-CSMSchool by Management of Information System and worked at GrapeCityMongolia LLC for 1 year as a server based programmer, but then i left in 2016 to join a new assignment here at KHANBANK as an IT guy. I want to work from home to fulfill my dream and achieve my goals. So like others i need help too.

Hi, margulan
Welcome to our online community! :smiley:

I was a java developer too! Worked with Spring and Spring boot frameworks. Now I hate OOProgramming :sweat_smile:

Few questions:

  1. What was the last thing you did for your company that you weren’t told to do so? (i.e, the thing you contributed voluntarily)
  2. What’s your current outlook on your company? (Khanbank)
  3. Do you enjoy your work?
  4. What’s your most important short-term goal?
  5. Do you enjoy reading and learning?

Good afternoon
I love programming, but since i started working at KHANBANK i don’t really type a single code except MS Excel macro etc.

  1. Nowadays, i am teaching basics on how to work with computer, program and most used programs like MS Office etc. to stuffs in our rural branch.
  2. No more coding, just installing OS, programs and doing some network config on equipments, fixing some ATM technical and system issues etc.
  3. I have learned many things here besides my everyday work like teamworking, collaboration, time management and positive communication etc. As usually IT guys are more inner person than normal ones, you know.
  4. Right now it’s an IELTS and i am trying to learn English as my native language.
  5. Yes, i do. i only watch contents with english language on social networks, and movies too with english subtitles. We can only find any type of information on google by searching in english.

One more thing, when GrapeCityMongolia LLC interviewed me for job they asked me if i looked for a journalist job, cause i know many other languages.

Good morning,

I have a few suggestions for you (based on what I read about you):

  • Incorporate coding/programming into your daily routine. Start by going through tutorials. Then level-up that by building your own small project. (Freecodecamp.org is the best place to learn. It’s highly advisable that you should do all the exercises/projects there.)
  • If you don’t have one already, create your daily routine
  • Start visualizing your dreams as if they already come true (every single day) - might sound strange, but this works!

(And I’ve added you to the mentorship list)

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Good morning,
Thanks for adding me up.
sincerely, I started learning from Freecodecamp.org.
When I was at university, I was working on a Digital library project. It was like kindle, you can read every book, projects, and everything students made. The university librarians add pdf formatted books to the Digital library and everyone can access them online by using their username and pass, etc. It took me 2 years to make it real.


Cool :+1:,

Then after you finish all the exercises/projects on freecodecamp, you should start looking for a freelancing gig.

Sure :slight_smile:
yesterday, visited two sites that you mentioned earlier in the post. tried to open up one gig but it wasn’t so easy. Clearly, we need some advice and a sample on it.

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